Welcome to GO GREEN BEAN Blog!

31 Jan

Welcome to GO GREEN BEAN Blog! Team Green Bean has dedicated this blog to sharing the creative process behind “The Adventures of Green Bean” children’s series. You probably have a lot of questions, so read on to learn more about Green Bean and her Team.

Who is Green Bean? Green Bean is a precocious child who loves to be adventurous in her fantastic imagination, as well as with her family and neighborhood friends. In Green Bean’s imaginative world, she meets with unforgettable friends, including Phillipa the Hoopoe Bird and Sammie the Turtle. Join Green Bean as she learns valuable lessons about the world around her through creative play.

How did Green Bean come to be? I would like to share a bit about how Green Bean came to be—her birth story. It actually coincided with the birth of my own daughter, Sina. I’ve spent countless hours rocking her to sleep and I’ve found that this is actually my most creative time of day. When she drifts off to sleep, my body relaxes too and my stories come to life. It was during one of these times that Bean was born. After laying Sina down in her crib, I eagerly headed off to my desk to start writing the Green Bean series. In the first week of writing about Bean, I was so inspired that I drafted three stories. I didn’t want these stories to stay hidden in my desk drawer. I knew it was time for me to follow my dream of writing a book.

Who is Team Green Bean? In order to be published, I needed an amazing team, so I enlisted the help of artist Kevin Warren to illustrate and teacher Cate Epperson to work on content. Together we are Team Green Bean (Okay, I know this is a bit hokey!). Find out more about Team Green Bean on our “About” pages. Our mission: We create thoughtful works of fiction to teach, inspire and entertain our children and yours.

I hope you enjoy GO GREEN BEAN Blog! Look forward to posts on Tuesdays and illustrations on Fridays. Green Bean’s Team would love to hear from you via the blog or at GreenBeanBook@gmail.com.


Libby Beilsmith


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