Designing Green Bean

3 Feb

Kevin here. I’m super excited to be working on such a wonderful project. Libby has entrusted me with the creation of this world that she has in her mind, and I appreciate her confidence in my artistic skills. I feel like illustrating a series of children’s books is a huge undertaking, but I also feel it will be such a great experience. Hopefully it will be something that I can share with my daughter as she grows up. These blog posts are going to share my vision for the art of “The Adventures of Green Bean.” each week will chronicle different phases of the art, as well as character studies, and probably some stuff that won’t make it in to the books.

The first thing to do when creating a book, or in this case as series of books, is to come up with the main character. Our protagonist in these stories is a little girl named Green Bean, hence the Adventures of Green Bean. Libby, Cate, and I discussed in length about the different aspects of the character that we wanted to portray. Most of all we wanted her to be somewhat ageless so that a range of children could identify with her. Libby originally stressed that she wanted her to have curly brown hair, so in these images you will see some of the original sketches I did for Bean.

Bean Study 1

I liked where these were going but I felt that the curly hair took away some of the agelessness that we were going for. So I created these next three to give Libby and Cate some options.

Bean Study 2

It was decided that we go with the straight hairdo in the middle of the above image, and I was tasked with making a character mockup.

Bean drawing

So here is the image of Bean I came up with. I feel that it embodies the youth and agelessness that we discussed. I added in the doll to give her a sense of proportion and once again emphasize the youthfulness of the character.

Bean Color

And here with color. Green is her favorite color, hence the name Green Bean, so I tried to give her green elements while maintaining her femininity. These are still preliminary drawings of the character, and as the art style develops the character and colors are going to evolve.


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