The Award Winning Green Bean!

7 Feb

The New Year started off with some exciting news for Green Bean. “The Adventures of Green Bean the Brave” won third prize in the Missouri Writers Guild Poetry and Prose Competition! This is Green Bean’s very first adventure and we are so happy to be recognized by such an esteemed organization. “The Adventures of Green Bean the Brave” is currently being illustrated and we hope that it will be published soon. We will keep you posted!

I have been getting a lot of requests to read the story. I desperately want to share the story with others on the Go Green Bean Blog; however, I questioned whether this would have any negative impact on future attempts to publish the story. I took this question to the Saint Louis Writer’s Guild Facebook page and asked other authors what they thought about posting it. The resounding answer was “Don’t do it!” The Writers Relief website was cited as saying that when a work is posted on the internet for general review by anyone, then the work is considered previously published. Good to know! So for now, “The Adventures of Green Bean the Brave” will remain in my desk drawer. But not for long…

In the coming weeks on Go Green Bean, you will be able to read Bean’s new adventure, “The Adventures of Green Bean Racer and the Dragon’s Fire Racecar Rally.”


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