The Conclusion to “The Adventures of Green Bean Racer and the Dragon’s Fire Racecar Rally”

21 Feb

The Adventures of Green Bean Racer and the Dragon’s Fire Racecar Rally

Parts I and II

By Libby Beilsmith

   Green Bean leaned hard to the right on her lime green bicycle as she rounded the corner of the block.  She had to do it just right, or else she would ride off the sidewalk and straight into the street.  And she knew what could happen then—CAR!  Bean had practiced rounding the corner at high speeds dozens of times that summer.  She only needed to brake a little bit now that she had learned how to do it just right. 

   At the beginning of the summer, she had learned to ride the corner fast in order to keep up with the older boys.  But today, she was riding to beat the older boys. There was a lot at stake in this race.  The winner would get to decide the activities of the neighborhood kids all day.

   Bean had never been the leader before and she was itching to make a lemonade stand.  The boys said making lemonade was too girly, but if Bean won they would have no choice.  Just the thought of Reid stirring lemonade made Bean giggle.  Now all she needed to do was beat him. 

   Bean had two laps around the block left until the finish line.  Reid was her closest competition from what she could see.  He was half a street block ahead now.  She couldn’t hear anyone behind her, but she glanced back over her shoulder just to check.  No one!  Bean was so close.  She figured most of the kids had become too tired to finish the ten lap race around the block. 

   Reid was no longer in sight. “He’s already hit the next corner,” thought Bean.  “I’ve got to speed up.” But Bean’s legs were burning and she was short of breath.  What she wouldn’t do for a tall glass of ice cold lemonade right now!

   Up ahead,Blainewas watching the finish line.  Cori and Ryan sat with him. Cori was waving her arms wildly as she cheered for her best friend, Bean. 

   “Who’s all in?” gasped Bean as she came towards them. 

   “Reid is ahead and I think John is behind you,” reportedBlaineas Bean flew by him. “I think Reid cut through the Lost Alley.”

   Bean couldn’t believe her ears.  She wanted to stop and see if she had heard right, but that could cost her time.  The Lost Alley was not part of the race course.  It was a shortcut and not allowed. 

   The Lost Alley was a daring move for Reid.  You couldn’t ride through it nearly as fast, even if you wanted to.  The first part of the Lost Alley—right on the end of the alley—was Mr. Thompson’s prize winning blackberry bushes.  They practically covered the alley with juicy blackberries.  They not only splattered your legs and bike when you rode over them, but they stained your socks purple, which Mama didn’t like.  If you went too fast through them or moved your handlebars too quickly either way, your tires might slide on the slippery berries, and then you were really in for it!

   If you made it through the blackberries, then you had to worry about the yappy Princess Snuggle Poof.  She was Ms. Sarah’s annoying poodle.  Ms Sarah didn’t have a fence, so she would put Princess Snuggle Poof on a leash around the big lindenwood tree in her backyard.  Princess loved to misbehave—she barked at passersby, snapped at ankles and often managed to get off that old leash. 

   You had to ride across the Blaire’s driveway to avoid Princess and that meant riding down the huge slope in the pavement.  If you went too fast over the hump, your stomach would turn like you’re on a roller coaster ride. 

   Yep, Reid was crazy to try this stunt!  Bean steamed with anger, but this gave her a second wind and she picked up her pace.  “I will beat you, Reid, if it’s the last thing I do!” she yelled aloud. “I need to go into lightning speed!”  Then Bean’s imagination took off!


   “Shifting gears to lightning speed,” reported Green Bean Racer into her headset.  Her racecar went into lightning fast speed with a vroom!  It was the last leg of the world famous Dragon’s Fire Racecar Rally.  If she won, she would win the Dragon’s Master Cup.  The gigantic silver cup was filled with your favorite drink, straight from the royal kitchen of Princess Josie.   

   The past winners got to choose from delicious drinks like Zoozle Whip Hot Cocoa, Wishing Well Raspberry Water and Lemony Zestade.  Only the winners of the Rally had ever tasted these amazing concoctions!  Not only did you get to taste the special drinks, but you also got to spend an entire day at the royal castle.  What a treat!

   Bean was a fan favorite to win the Rally and she didn’t want to let anyone down now.  It had been a long race so far and she could imagine the taste of the delicious drinks in her mouth.  She just had to stay in first place.  She could see at least two cars in her rearview mirror.  She knew one of those cars belonged to Racer Reid—her toughest competition. 

   Bean had already twisted and turned through the winding roads ofDragonMountain. She took each turn with speed and accuracy and only had three dangerous obstacles left—SlimTailBridge, Scaly Slope and the Dragon’s Mouth. 

   “Keep it up, Green Bean Racer, and you’re sure to win,” said Coach Cori’s voice on the other end of the headset.  “Now you’ve got to crossSlimTailBridge.  It’s narrow and slippery—good luck.”

   “Thanks, Cori.  I’ll do my best,” reported Bean with concentration. 

   Bean could see the bridge in the distance.  Rough waves from the river below the bridge splashed on the pavement making it extra slippery to cross.  Bean had to turn her windshield wipers on full speed as she carefully crossed the bridge. 

   “One obstacle down; two more to go,” she thought.  “This is the hardest one yet—the Dragon’s Scales.”

   Bean had to drive down a hill full of razor sharp rock barriers that could pop her tires with the slightest touch.

   “Here I go!” she yelled as she weaved in and out of the rocks. Left, then right she steered the car down the slope of jagged teeth rocks.  

   Once through the Dragon’s Scales, Bean faced her final and greatest challenge—the Dragon’s Mouth.   Bean had trained for this challenge all year.  She slammed the gas pedal to the floor.  Her tires squealed as she got into position to cross the canyon filled with the fiery, hot lava of the Dragon’s Mouth.  She could smell her tires burning—it smelled like when you leave toast in the toaster too long and it comes out with black edges!  Bean drove at lightning fast speed up the mammoth hill. Then she flew across the canyon.  Swoosh sounded the car as it jumped the canyon. 

   “I did it! I’m going to win for sure!” hooted Bean wildly when she landed on the other side with a loud kerthunk!

   “See you soon, Bean the Victorious!” cheered Coach Cori on the headset.

    Bean checked in her rearview mirror to see if anyone was still behind her.  There were no cars!  But just then, she saw something strange in the mirror.  It was Bean’s friend, Philippa the Hoopoe Bird, flying fast behind Bean’s car.  Philippa looked very worried and Bean knew that something was wrong.  Philippa quickly flew up to Bean’s window.  Bean rolled her window down and the air gushed in louder than a tornado, bringing Philippa in with it!

   “Help, help!” screeched Philippa.  “Racer Reid is in trouble atSlimTailBridge.  His car has gone off the bridge!”

   The finish line was in front of Bean.  Her stomach turned in knots—what was she going to do? Bean put on a strong face, held the steering wheel a little tighter and turned around to help Racer Reid. 

   As Bean got closer to the bridge, she saw Racer Reid had hit a slick spot on the bridge and driven right into the water.  Now the car was floating down the river!  Reid was sitting on top of the car and he was waving his arms for help.  Bean jumped from her car and grabbed a rope from her trunk.  She slid down the hill to the river. 

   “Philippa, I need your help getting the rope to Reid!” cried Bean. 

   “I can do it,” assured Philippa as she took the end of the rope in her beak and flew it across the raging water.  Reid grabbed the rope and jumped into the ice cold water.  He swam as fast as he could, while Bean held on tight to the rope. 

   Reid flopped onto the shore with exhaustion.  He frowned as he exclaimed, “I hurt my leg in the accident!  I never could have gotten to safety without you both!”

   Bean smiled with pride at her heroic rescue of Racer Reid. 

   Bean may not have been the first to cross the finish line that day, but she was the only one with a passenger she had saved from certain death!

   “Green Bean the Brave, Green Bean the Brave!” shouted the crowd as she crossed the finish line. 

   The referee announced over the loud speaker, “From this day forward, this will be Green Bean the Brave Day!”  The crowd cheered for their new hero.  The people picked Bean up on their shoulders and paraded her around.  Bean even had her picture taken for the newspaper!  It was a good day indeed—even sweeter than one of Princess Josie’s delicious drinks. 


   Reid weighed a ton on the back of Bean’s bike and she couldn’t wait to get him home.  The other kids were amazed as she rode through the finish line with her strange passenger.  “What happened?” they asked.

   “I never should have cut through the Lost Alley.  That darn Princess Snuggle Poof ran right in front of me.  I almost ran over her.  I rode straight into the Blaire’s garage instead and knocked my knee on the trash can,” Reid complained.  “I was down until Green Bean came by.”

   John interrupted, “It doesn’t sound like you are going to be playing kickball with the rest of us then.”

   “So you won, John?” asked Bean.  John smiled big and turned his bike in a circle to celebrate his victory.  Bean was just a little bit disappointed she had lost the race after working so hard that summer. 

   “I think I better go home,” said Reid as he began to limp towards his house.  “I can’t play kickball like this.”  Bean followed behind him on her bike.

   “Do you need a ride, Reid?” asked Bean.

   “No thanks,” he replied with a sigh.

   “We could use someone to cheer on the sidelines,” suggested Bean.  “I think the game will be fun.”

   “You’re not disappointed about losing the race?” asked Reid.

   “Oh, I wanted a lemonade stand.  It sure would taste delicious right now,” said Bean with disappointment. 

   “You know, I think the other kids will be thirsty at halftime,” said Reid with a slim smile.  “How about I get some lemons and you get some sugar.”

   Bean smiled back at Reid, excited by his fantastic idea.  As it turned out, Bean got to see Reid stirring lemonade that day after all.   

The End

Thank you for reading Green Bean’s Adventure!  What did you think?  What did your kids think?  We would love to get your feedback!


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