Secondary Characters: Josie

25 Feb

In the Adventures of Green Bean, there is a multitude of secondary characters that Bean encounters in her journeys. One of the most important characters is her best friend and favorite doll, Josie. The more Libby and I talked about this character, the more I saw a ratty old rag doll in my head. I like the idea that when Bean is in a hurry she can drag this doll by its arm behind her, and when she is nervous or scared she can clutch the doll in her arms and squeeze her tightly. With a soft doll you can express more emotion with its body language than you could with a harder plastic doll. I also wanted to give the impression that the doll was handed down from mother to daughter, and that is why Bean cherishes it so much. So I started by roughly sketching some potential faces.


So here are some of the sketches I made for Josie. In making these drawings I wanted to keep Josie’s face and hair relatively simple to keep the idea of a vintage rag doll. From here I took some of the aspects of each drawing that I liked and tried to incorporate them into full body drawings.

In these images I tried to get a better idea of how the character looks as a whole. I knew what I wanted for the basic idea of her outfit, just a simple dress and shoes, but I wasn’t sure about the hair. After a few more tweaks to the overall styling I came up with this as the basic design for Josie.

Then I just added a little bit of color for the final look.


One Response to “Secondary Characters: Josie”

  1. gogreenbean February 25, 2012 at 3:39 am #

    Kevin, you make this all look so easy! I love the idea of Josie being handed down from her mama too 🙂 ~Libby

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