Would a Green Bean By Any Other Name Sound So Sweet?

7 Mar

Here is a fun fact about “The Adventures of Green Bean” series.  Originally, Green Bean was going to be called Coco Bean.  Coco was actually her written name in the first three stories I wrote for the series.  I thought it would be really cute to have a little girl called Coco Bean with a full head of chocolate brown curls. 

So, why the change? When Kevin, Cate and I met for the first time there were some doubts about the name.  Kevin immediately thought of Ice T’s wife when I mentioned Coco .  Mrs. Ice T is not who I imagined for the series! So we went to work thinking about other “Beans” that we could name the series after.  Pinto Bean?  Lima Bean? Red Beans and rice?  Soon, we agreed on Green Bean. 

I am so happy that we changed the name now.  Green Bean has so many positive connotations—healthy food, healthy living, healthy kids.  And I think a little Irish good luck!

Green Bean’s appearance has also changed in the process of refining the series.  Kevin mentioned in an earlier blog that we intended for Bean to have an ageless appearance.  We believe that her straight hair helps her look ageless. 

Green Bean’s changing looks are also attributed to some market research we did.  Currently, there is a very popular series published with a main character that has a curly, brown mop of hair atop her head.  The character is very cute, but we do not want to have a similar looking Green Bean. 

So, there you have it—the scoop on Green Bean!  Enjoy and thank you for reading!

Did Green Bean’s name catch your attention? 


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