Secondary Characters: Coloring Philippa

16 Mar

Last week I posted some of the process sketches I had done in order to create Philippa the hoopoe. This week I am going to go through the process of finishing a sketch and coloring it. So here is the sketch that I created from the preliminaries I showed last week (forgive the lovely iphone photo).

I then took the image and traced it in ink using a light table.

After the image is inked I scanned the final drawing into the computer.

So at this point we have a black and white line drawing. Here’s where I go back in and fix any issues with the line drawing I may have missed or I was not happy with. I like to open up a window with some reference images on it, that way I can see what type of colors I need to be working with.

So the next thing I did was remove the white background. In Photoshop when you remove a background color you end up with a transparent background, which I find it hard to work with, so I created a layer under the line work and filled it in with a color I knew I wouldn’t be using.

I started filling in color.

As I fill in the image I create a new layer each separate color just in case I have to edit the colors later.

The next thing I did was add some shadows. This helps to give the image some depth and weight.

After the shadows I added a small highlight on the beak.

Finally, I added a little bit of a reddish-orange gradient in the feathers to mimic the look of the actual bird.

And there you have it, the final design for Philippa and a quick rundown of my process in creating these images.


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