The Simple Things In Life

20 Mar

In last week’s post, I talked about the process of creating Green Bean’s real and imaginary worlds.  Although this process is complex, I never want to lose sight of an important theme in my books–play can be simple, while keeping it’s fun factor.  So, what do I mean by this?   Simply put, a child can have as much fun with a stick as they can with an iPhone or some other “smart” device.

In February, I posted the short story “The Adventures of Green Bean Racer and the Dragon’s Fire Racecar Rally.”  It’s a simple story about a girl with a bike, who just so happens to save her neighborhood friend Reid from certain death! She doesn’t need the newest gadgets or gizmos to do this, just good old-fashioned courage, which never goes out of style. 

I look forward to developing more stories for Green Bean with the simplicity theme in mind.  Perhaps Bean will have a community garden?  Only time will tell…

What kinds of simple activities do you do with your kids?


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