It’s Query Time!

27 Mar

The Go Green Bean Team has finally decided to take the next step towards publishing “The Adventures of Green Bean”–we are starting to query agents!  For those of you not familiar with how this works, I will explain a bit about what agents do and why we have decided to seek out an agent to represent our work. 

Publishing is a business and like any other business, there are industry insiders and outsiders.  An agent is specialized (hopefully) in the industry and they often have that insider edge that writers and illustrators do not.  They have the connections to editors and publishing houses–the gatekeepers to getting your work published.  Furthermore, agents know which publishers might be interested in a particular book project, such as ours, at any given time. 

Writers and illustrators have the option of sending their work directly to publishers; however, these manuscripts often end up in “slush” piles that are either disregarded completely or glimpsed at by low-level interns.  This does not offer much hope of being “discovered.”

These days, there is also the option of self-publishing.  This is a viable option if you have a large funding source to cover up front printing costs.  You can also publish your work as an e-reader.  I would imagine that this would be less desirable for us because we are writing for children who presumable would be less likely to read on a device (If you disagree, please let me know!)

I hope this brief explanation helps to clarify why we have chosen to query an agent.  Next week, I will talk about what a query is and where we are in this process.  If you have any first hand knowledge of the querying process, please share!


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