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Conference Confessions

24 Apr

Over the weekend, I attended the Missouri Writer’s Guild annual conference.  This was an amazing experience because I learned so much about writing, networking and publishing.  So, onto the news. 

I was able to get a copy of my Green Bean manuscript in front five agents, who offered constructive criticisms of the work.  Now that I have this feedback, I can make changes and submit the final draft to them.  This insider information will help in writing the best work possible and, hopefully, snagging an agent. 

Other good news is that I got some really positive feedback from other authors about Kevin’s illustrations.  People loved Green Bean and they could tell that we were really working to make Green Bean her best self. 

Thank you to everyone for your encouragement!


Page Proofs

20 Apr

Another short art update this week, but I have been hard at work.

Last week Libby called me and asked me if I had anything that she could take with her to her pitch meeting. Unfortunately at the time I didn’t have anything 100%, but I told her that I could crank something out by the end of this week. The result is the two images above. Just a sneak peek at some of the places that Green Bean visits in her adventures.

The Big Pitch

17 Apr

No, this week’s post is not about the start of baseball season–sorry to all you Redbird fans out there!  This week, I am busy preparing a pitch for the Missouri Writer’s Guild annual conference to be held this weekend.  Have I lost you?  Well, a pitch session is a very brief (usually five-minute) meeting with an agent, editor or publisher, where an author gives a show-stopping summary or “hook” of  their work.  I am preparing to pitch “The Adventures of Green Bean” series to the senior editor at Highlights magazine.   Highlights is a children’s magazine that reaches over one million readers every month, so I am thrilled to have his opportunity.  Wish me and Green Bean luck! 

Oh, what the heck, go Cards!

It’s Query Time! Part Two

10 Apr

While Kevin is hard at work inking illustrations, I have been busy the last few weeks preparing a query letter to submit to prospective agents, as well as getting the first round of queries submitted.  This is a new endeavor for Team Green Bean, so a great deal of research and preparatory work has gone into the process.  I find querying quite a bit like preparing a resume for prospective employers–You proof read and revised a hundred times, but your still not one hundred percent sure if you’ve highlighted your talents in a single page!  

I started the query process by researching how to write a query letter.  The Agent Query website has a very helpful article about this.  Once I completed the letter, Team Green Bean reviewed and revised it.   

 The next step was locating agents.  I have been utilizing the Writer’s Market website to locate agents that represent work in our genre, as well as keep track of submissions.  This is a great resource for writers and it is very reasonably priced.

I stared submitting queries via email to about ten agents that represent picture books.  I have limited the number of submissions, as suggested by various sources, in order to allow time for feedback from agents.  You don’t want to send out fifty query letters only to find that your query letter doesn’ t pack a punch!

So far, we have received emails back from three agent, but no offers and no feedback specific our project.  We will have to wait and see.  This could be a while, as some agents take up to eight weeks to send return emails due to the high volume of queries they receive!  If nothing comes of this round of submissions,  Team Green Bean will revise our query letter and submit again.  Wish us luck!

Art Post Update 2

6 Apr

I am still hard at work creating images for the book. As of right now I have the whole book thumb-nailed and I am currently in the process of penciling the images based on the thumbnails. I am about 2/3 of the way finished in making these penciled pages, and I have started inking  a couple of the pages. Here is a shot of what I have currently on my drawing table:


It’s Query Time! Part Two Coming 04/10/12

3 Apr