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The Road to Publication

15 May

Today, I am going to update on our agent search and the revisions to “The Adventures of Green Bean,” but first I want to encourage everyone to check out Kevin’s artwork for Mother’s Day.  It is fantastic!

Since my last post, I have not received any more rejections.  We have three rejections and seven agents we are waiting to hear back from.  Most agents say that they will get back to writers within six to eight weeks.  We are just hitting six weeks, so hopefully our queries will be answered soon.

As for revisions, I was lucky enough to meet Amanda at the Missouri Writer’s Guild Conference in April and she has agreed to critique my work, including “The Adventures of Green Bean.” This will be especially helpful because Amanda also writes for children.  I am excited to have the post-conference revisions critiqued.  Once I get the revisions back from her, I will review them with Kevin and we will consider changes to the story.

I plan to send out another ten queries once the manuscript is revised.  At the conference, I got some tips from other writers about query writing, so I will also be updating my query letter.  I am now really understanding what people mean when they say the “road to publication”!  This has truly been an eye opening journey.  Thank you for joining us on the ride!


Mother’s Day Bean

11 May

Since this weekend is Mother’s Day, I wanted to make a special image to commemorate the holiday. A good deal of the book is about the relationship between Bean and her mother, and I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to work on something special outside of the book concerning these two characters.

Happy Mother's Day

So, Happy Mother’s Day to everyone from Team Green Bean!

Thanks to everyone out there who has shown support for our little book, we truly appreciate everything. I should be back in another two weeks with more art updates.

Day Late and An Image Short

5 May

Sorry, no real art post this week. As of late I have been trying to post some “teasers” every couple of weeks, but unfortunately I have no art to show you this time around. Libby and I have only spoke a little since the Missouri Writer’s Guild conference a few weeks ago, but she said that the images that I gave her were well received by everyone she showed. If nothing, that response validates all the work I have put into the book so far. I know she has been busy revising the book, and I’m interested to see what changes she has made to the story and if/how these edits could change with the art have so far. I will have an art post next Friday, and I have something special planned.

Coming on 05/15/12

1 May

Next week, I will be updating on revisions to “The Adventures of Green Bean.”  I also hope to have more information about the queries sent last month.