Green Bean and the Lousy Lemon Rain Boots Draft Two

18 Jul

   The story has been widdled down to 880 words!  Unfortunatley, my edits have taken a lot from the original story line, so my title had to be adjusted.  How do you like this title?  “Green Bean the Brave and the Snail Mail Tale” Enjoy!

   Rap, tap, tap—Green Bean was startled awake from a delightful dream by a loud knock at her cottage door.  Through the peephole, she could see Fedora the Ferret; raindrops were falling quickly from her purple delivery hat. 

  “Oh no, it’s raining,” moaned Bean as she reluctantly opened the door.  Nothing was worse than a rainy day; Bean just hated to get wet.  

   “Special delivery for Green Bean—ah, ah, ah, choo!” sneezed Fedora.

   “You don’t sound so good, Fedora,” sighed Bean.

   “It’s just a summer cold.  Only one more delivery out to Toad Cove and I’m done for the day,” sniffled Fedora.

   “Isn’t that on the farthest end of Lake Centipede?” asked Bean with concern.

   “Yes, I only make deliveries to Bello once per week.  If I don’t go, he will be very disappointed,” replied Fedora sadly.  “He always has a tall stack of snail mail waiting for me when I come.”

   Just then, the package meant for Bello jumped right out of Fedora’s mail bag and onto the porch with a thud!  It was a brown shoebox and on the side was a sticker that read, “Fragile: Do not shake!”  The top had several small holes just big enough for a pencil’s end to fit through.  Bean tried to peep through the holes to see what was in side, but it was too dark.     

   “What in the world is in there?” asked Bean curiously. 

   “I don’t know, but it’s a special delivery that must get to Bello by noon today,” informed Fedora. 

   “As your friend, I will deliver the package for you,” said Bean confidently.  She had no sooner offered to help when she felt a bit of regret. How could she possibly stay dry in all this rain?    

   Bean prepared for her adventure by first putting on her rain coat, then her rain hat, then her favorite lemon-yellow rain boots.  She finished off her outfit with a scarf and some mittens.  Bean was feeling a bit warm in the summer air, but no rain was going to touch her!

   Bean stepped off her front porch—package and umbrella in hand.  She hopped to stay out of the puddles on the way to her bicycle.  Bean had not made it 10 feet when she felt something cold on her little toe.  “There’s a big hole in my rain boot!” exclaimed Bean, in disbelief that she was wet already.  

   Bean taped the umbrella to her handlebars and patched her holey rain boot.  Off she went with the package nestled safely in her bicycle basket.  “Swish, slosh, slew,” went her tires through the sloppy wetness on the sidewalk as she pedaled fast towards Windy West Drive.  It would take her all around Lake Centipede to Toad Cove.

   The umbrella was doing a great job of keeping Bean and the package dry.  She was feeling pretty proud of herself, when the wind began to blow. A huge gust of wind blew her umbrella up, up, up!  Bean thought the wind might turn her bicycle into a kite!  But instead, the wind blew the umbrella right into Lake Centipede.

   “Oh, no, I’m going to get soaking wet!” cried Bean, worried that her adventure was going to fail.  “How am I going to ride my bicycle and keep this package from getting ruined in the rain?”  Bean thought for just a moment and then she knew what she had to do—she had to get wet!  Bean reluctantly took off her raincoat and wrapped it around the package.        

   Bean continued along Windy West Drive, no longer worried about getting wet.  Slowly the rain turned from downpour, to a drizzle, to drops.  The sun peeked out from behind the clouds as it climbed closer to noon and the morning began to brighten.  

   Bean could see Toad Cove in the distance and she knew she needed to hurry up.  “These things have got to go if I’m going to make it on time!” proclaimed Bean, proud that her fear of getting wet had passed with the storm.  Bean took off her lousy, lemon rain boots and put her feet in the warm sand of Toad Cove.  She took off the rain hat, scarf and mittens that made her too hot. 

   Bean hurried around the Cove feeling much better.  Soon, she came upon Bello the Snail waiting for her.  His shell was the color of molasses and he wore thick, black glasses. 

  “Right on time,” said the little, old snail as he introduced himself.  “Hurry, open the package!”

   It was the moment Bean had been waiting for all day.  She gently took the lid from the package and swoosh!  To Bean’s surprise, out flew a chubby pigeon.  It flew straight for the water and took a big drink. 

   “Ah, just in time for Pigeon’s lunch,” said Bello with joy. “I’m so happy Pigeon has arrived.  Fedora could only pick up my snail mail once a week.  Now, Pigeon can carry my mail into town everyday!”

   “I’m glad to help,” giggled Bean with a smile of relief as she recounted the day’s adventure to Bello.

   “You have delivered the package safely through the pouring rain and conquered your fear of getting wet,” encouraged Bello.  “This is a special day for me and for you, Green Bean the Brave.  Now, how about a swim?”



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