About Green Bean

Hello, my name is Green Bean.  Welcome to my neighborhood!  I live on Lindenwood Lane with my Mama, Dad and baby brother Jack.  My best friend is Cori.  I am the luckiest because she lives across the street from me. 

Cori and I go to Orchard Elementary, but we aren’t in the same classroom.  She got Ms. Tote and I got stuck with Ms. Lee—the hardest teacher I know!  The one good thing about Ms. Lee’s class is our amazing pet guinea pig, Rumplewink.  His hair is the color of pumpkin pie with whipped cream and he is twice as sweet.  I can’t wait for my turn to bring him home for the weekend.  It will be the best, but Mama says not to get any ideas about keeping him.  She knows I’ve imagined having a guinea pig of my very own.  I tell Mama that my imagination is the best part of being a kid!

Besides school, I like to do a lot of things.  My favorite is riding bikes with the neighborhood kids.  We have so much fun racing around the block.  I am getting really fast like the older kids.  I also like to play kickball and swim at the pool.  We have a community garden that I can walk to with Mama.  I take care of the green beans—you know why!  Would you like to see my garden sometime?  

I’m so happy we are going to be friends.  See you again soon!

Your Friend,

 Green Bean


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