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Mother’s Day Bean

11 May

Since this weekend is Mother’s Day, I wanted to make a special image to commemorate the holiday. A good deal of the book is about the relationship between Bean and her mother, and I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to work on something special outside of the book concerning these two characters.

Happy Mother's Day

So, Happy Mother’s Day to everyone from Team Green Bean!

Thanks to everyone out there who has shown support for our little book, we truly appreciate everything. I should be back in another two weeks with more art updates.


Art Post Update 2

6 Apr

I am still hard at work creating images for the book. As of right now I have the whole book thumb-nailed and I am currently in the process of penciling the images based on the thumbnails. I am about 2/3 of the way finished in making these penciled pages, and I have started inking  a couple of the pages. Here is a shot of what I have currently on my drawing table:


Art Post Update

23 Mar

The art post for this week is going to be a short one. I am currently in the process of finishing the layout thumbnails for the book, and as soon as I get that finished I plan on drawing and inking pages. With the amount of work that I have to do right now I expect the art process blogs that I post on Fridays to be few and far between. My goal is to post “teaser” or “work in progress” shots of what is currently on my drawing table (at least) every other week. Hopefully as I start to get momentum with the book I can resume weekly posts with additional content.  As for right now, here’s a shot of what I am working on.

desk shot

Secondary Characters: Coloring Philippa

16 Mar

Last week I posted some of the process sketches I had done in order to create Philippa the hoopoe. This week I am going to go through the process of finishing a sketch and coloring it. So here is the sketch that I created from the preliminaries I showed last week (forgive the lovely iphone photo).

I then took the image and traced it in ink using a light table.

After the image is inked I scanned the final drawing into the computer.

So at this point we have a black and white line drawing. Here’s where I go back in and fix any issues with the line drawing I may have missed or I was not happy with. I like to open up a window with some reference images on it, that way I can see what type of colors I need to be working with.

So the next thing I did was remove the white background. In Photoshop when you remove a background color you end up with a transparent background, which I find it hard to work with, so I created a layer under the line work and filled it in with a color I knew I wouldn’t be using.

I started filling in color.

As I fill in the image I create a new layer each separate color just in case I have to edit the colors later.

The next thing I did was add some shadows. This helps to give the image some depth and weight.

After the shadows I added a small highlight on the beak.

Finally, I added a little bit of a reddish-orange gradient in the feathers to mimic the look of the actual bird.

And there you have it, the final design for Philippa and a quick rundown of my process in creating these images.

Secondary Characters: Sketching Philippa

10 Mar

Phillipa is a hoopoe bird that Green Bean encounters during her adventures. Creating this character was a challenge for me because I didn’t actually know what a hoopoe looks like. I did some research and found that the hoopoe’s most distinct feature is a crown of feathers on its head that extend and contract, which give it a lot of character. At first I just did some sketches of the actual birds.hoopoe 1

After a few sketches, I began to loosen up and try to make Philippa look as though she belongs in the land of Green Bean.

hoopoe 2

These were still too hard edge for me so I tried to soften them up. I wanted her to look cartoon-like but still have the essence of the original bird. One thing I tried to focus on was the different states of her crown of feathers. Her crown should rise when she gets excited or angry, tilt back when she is calm or serious, but most of all she needed to look like the same bird in either state.

hoopoe 3

I like the direction these sketches were going, but I wanted to emphasize that Philippa was a female so I added some eye lashes.

hoopoe 4

In next weeks post I will go from sketch, to inking the image, and through the process of coloring to show what I came up with for the final design for Philippa.

More Bean

2 Mar

For this weeks art post I figured I would share a character model sheet I created for Green Bean.

bean character sheet

Here you can see my “final” design of Green Bean. I drew and colored this quickly about a week ago, and it has been an invaluable tool for me as I work on laying out the book. Essentially this gives me the basic size and shape of the character from front, back, and side.

drawing table

I keep a hard copy taped above my drawing table, that way I have a reference handy whenever I need it. My hard copy also has some hand written notes regarding design issues that may not be represented on the model sheet, or things that I want to remember to emphasize.

Secondary Characters: Josie

25 Feb

In the Adventures of Green Bean, there is a multitude of secondary characters that Bean encounters in her journeys. One of the most important characters is her best friend and favorite doll, Josie. The more Libby and I talked about this character, the more I saw a ratty old rag doll in my head. I like the idea that when Bean is in a hurry she can drag this doll by its arm behind her, and when she is nervous or scared she can clutch the doll in her arms and squeeze her tightly. With a soft doll you can express more emotion with its body language than you could with a harder plastic doll. I also wanted to give the impression that the doll was handed down from mother to daughter, and that is why Bean cherishes it so much. So I started by roughly sketching some potential faces.


So here are some of the sketches I made for Josie. In making these drawings I wanted to keep Josie’s face and hair relatively simple to keep the idea of a vintage rag doll. From here I took some of the aspects of each drawing that I liked and tried to incorporate them into full body drawings.

In these images I tried to get a better idea of how the character looks as a whole. I knew what I wanted for the basic idea of her outfit, just a simple dress and shoes, but I wasn’t sure about the hair. After a few more tweaks to the overall styling I came up with this as the basic design for Josie.

Then I just added a little bit of color for the final look.

Designing Green Bean Pt. 2

17 Feb

Short post this week as I am very busy working on this and other projects. Here are some sketches that I have been working on of Green Bean. Most are fairly quick rough sketches as I am trying to work on getting the character’s personality to come through, and get more comfortable drawing her over and over. You can see that Bean’s outfit has changed slightly and we went with coveralls instead of a dress. We figured this would be a better outfit for her to wear in her adventures, as it would give her a better range of movement.

bean sketch 1

bean sketch 2

Also, you can see the image at the bottom has been inked and modified with some stuffed animal friends and placed into the header of the blog.

It’s A Jungle Out There

10 Feb

Working on The Adventures of Green Bean I have been given the task to create the world(s) in which Green’s imagination transports her. This week we are going to take a quick look at a concept for a jungle like locale where Bean befriends some indigenous creatures.


As you can see, I began by laying out the basic colors. I then began adding some detail by painting the bark on the trees.


Finally I added some shadows and highlights to some of the surrounding plants and add textures to the image. I then tweek the colors to make the final image darker and more moody.